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Denmark has no conventional car industry, but it houses many component suppliers. Denmark was one of the first countries to produce and market electric vehicles. Production of the small Ellert—which became the best-selling EV in the world—began in 1987, followed by the 1991 production of the KEWET El-Jet. To facilitate sales of these vehicles in Denmark, EVs were exempted from registration tax and the annual car tax based on weight. However, both manufacturers have ceased production in Denmark, but improved versions of these vehicles are currently produced in Germany and Norway.

In 2008 and 2009, the new interest in electric drive vehicles in Denmark has to a large extent focused on the potential for using electricity from renewable sources in transportation and on the role of the vehicles in adapting the electrical system to manage a higher share of intermittent electricity produced from wind turbines.

The Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance

The Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance was established as a trade association under the Danish Energy Association in November 2009. The main objective of the Alliance is to represent the interests of member companies in matters regarding authorities, politicians, and organizations, both nationally and internationally. The Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance represents 55 companies with a direct commercial interest in the introduction of EVs in Denmark, including energy companies, suppliers of components for the charging infrastructure, charging operators, and suppliers of EVs.