Canada - Charging Infrastructure

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Canada is already a world leader in the use of renewable energy. Canada's electricity supply mix is one of the cleanest and most renewable in the world. Charging infrastructure is being implemented by each province with various partners.

Source: Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Report - Statistics Canada


By far, the largest source of electricity in Canada is hydro at almost 60%, with coal, nuclear, and natural gas adding significant portions to the mix. While hydro contributes significantly to Canada’s electricity mix at the national level, the amount varies largely from province to province .




Starting in early 2012, Canada's first public charging network will be deployed. THE ELECTRIC CIRCUIT, a Hydro-Québec initiative, will be rolled out in many parking lots of the founding partners: RONA, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert, METRO and the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT).


Infrastructure for charging EVs will be built through a combination of private sector companies and Ontario's electricity utilities. The Ontario government will take the lead in supplying this infrastructure by ensuring recharging capacity is integrated into designated parking facilities owned by the Ontario government and GO Transit parking facilities for the public to use. Ontario is also working with the private sector and electricity organizations to develop business models for recharging facilities that will work within Ontario's regulated electricity market.

British Columbia

Image courtesy of Electric Mobility Canada.
B.C.’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Network coordinates plug-in EV activities in the province, including charging infrastructure roll-out and vehicle deployments. The Network is a multi-stakeholder group with representation from the provincial government, BC Hydro, local governments, industry, and academia.

The Network is focusing market transformation efforts for electric transportation in five key areas: vehicle deployment, charging infrastructure, policy, outreach (education and awareness), and analysis. 

The PEV Network has designed a proposed Charging Infrastructure Project that will deploy up to 1000 grid-aware charging points throughout B.C., utilizing different charging types (Levels 1 and 2, and fast chargers) and different charging locations (at home, at work, on-the-go), with an emphasis on energy efficient charging.