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Mr. Carlo Mol
VITO – Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol, Belgium
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An integrated approach involving all stakeholders is crucial for electric mobility success in Belgium.  Electric mobility initiatives must be considered from the perspective of the automotive sector and from the perspectives of mobility concepts, users, smart grids, and smart energy cities.

The automotive sector has always been one of the most important industrial sectors in Belgium. In 2008, the turnover of the automotive sector was €15.9 billion and 81,661 people were employed at the nation’s assembly plants and suppliers. Important initiatives concerning electric mobility in Belgium were taken on the federal and regional level.

On the federal level, the Belgian Platform on Electric Vehicles was formed to inform and bring together all relevant stakeholders from the electric mobility value chain. The platform has been preparing Belgium’s master plan for electric mobility through a series of events during 2011. The policy document Roadmap 2030 for the Stimulation of Electric Mobility in Belgium summarizes the key elements of the national master plan.

On the regional level, the Flemish government launched a dedicated call for establishing the program Living Labs Electric Vehicles to facilitate and accelerate the innovation and adoption of electric vehicles in the Flemish region. The call was launched in late 2010 with the aim of setting up a structured real-life environment in which innovations can be tested by representative end users in their own living and working environment. 

Five different platforms were approved in 2011 with a total funding of € 16.25 million. More than 70 companies, organizations, and research partners are working together. The Living Labs Electric Vehicles will run for 3 years and are expected to give an extra boost to develop, test, and implement new products and services on e-mobility.

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