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On the road

As of August 2010, there were 6.7 million vehicles registered in Belgium, of which 1,295 were electric vehicles.

At this moment, the passenger car market in Belgium is still dominated by diesel vehicles. Belgium has one of the highest market shares of diesel passenger cars in Europe. Although we can see the growth of smaller and more environmentally friendly vehicles on the market, the share of hybrid and electric vehicles is still limited.

Toyota is well-established in the area of hybrid vehicles with its Prius, and recently Toyota Motor Europe has been involved in the European road trials with the plug-in hybrid version of the Prius (or PHV, in Toyota’s abbreviation), and is expected to begin sales in 2012.

In addition to hybrid passenger cars, pure electric passenger cars are appearing on Belgian roads again (mainly the Tesla Roadster). We can also see some movement in heavy-duty hybrid vehicles like trucks and buses.

Public transport in particular has increased its fleet of hybrid buses since 2009. In Brussels and Genk, the first full-electric buses have been put in service, and in other cities (Brugge, Gent, Leuven, etc.) De Lijn has been rolling out an extra fleet of 80 hybrid buses. At the moment hybrid buses already make up 3.5% of their total bus fleet.

Image courtesy of Van Hool.