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The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT) imple­mented the IV2S (Intelligent Transport Systems and Services) research program from 2002 to 2006. The IV2Splus Program began in 2007 to build upon these activi­ties and will continue through 2012.

The IV2Splus strategy program covers projects from basic research to demonstration and pilot projects. The portion of IV2Splus most relevant to the goal of electromobility is the A3plus program line, which promotes RD&D in innovative propulsion technologies and alternative fuels. A3plus supports cooperative proposals involving industrial, university, and non-university research to increase the competitiveness of the Austrian drivetrain technology industry. 

Overview of Intelligent Vehicular Transport Systems and Services plus (IV2Splus) strategy program. (Logos © BMVIT.)
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