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The automotive sector is important for the Austrian economy. Employing approximately 175,000 people in more than 700 enterprises (mostly suppliers), this sector is one of the top five in Austria in terms of number of employees and turnover.

Some important industrial stakeholders in the sector of hybrid and electric vehicles in Aus­tria include the companies Magna E-Car Systems, AVL, KTM Power Sports AG, Infineon Technologies Austria, and ATB Technologies GmbH. Additionally, the Austrian Mobile Power National platform partners include industry and other partners.


At the end of August 2010, the automotive supplier Magna International established a partnership with the Stronach Group to pursue opportunities in the ve­hicle electrification business. It created a new product group, Magna E-Car Systems, which will work closely with other groups, including Austria-based Magna Steyr.

This partnership covers relevant products and services including modules, and com­ponents for hybrid and electric vehicles, including cells and battery packs, charging stations, powertrain control modules, electric-drive motors, generators, inverters, converters, and onboard chargers. The capabilities and services that Magna E-Car Systems offers range from R&D activities and engineering, up to the integration and production of hybrid and electric vehicles.


The Audi A1 E-Tron concept vehicle with an AVL Range Extender.
The Audi A1 E-Tron concept vehicle with an AVL Range Extender in the form of a Wankel Motor. Photo Courtesty of Audi.
Image courtesy of Audi.

AVL is the world’s largest privately-owned company for development of drive sys­tems with combustion engines. AVL works with automobile manufacturers towards the goal of producing more efficient vehicles and reducing CO2 emissions.

The implementation of the AVL Pure Range Extender makes it possible to extend the range of electric vehicles and to reduce both battery size and costs. The AVL Pure Range Extender uses a generator that can generate electricity and equips electric vehicles with a range equal to that of conventional vehicles.


KTM Power Sports AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of motorsport vehicles, is a division of the KTM Group. It is the second largest motorcycle supplier in Europe and a global market leader in the off-road motorcycle sector.

KTM presented the prototype of a zero-emission motorcycle in 2008, which was a significant development for the future of Enduro sports (long-range, off-road motor­cycle racing) by providing a clear direction for further development of motorcycle technology. This completely new drive concept, developed in cooperation with AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology) based in Vienna, will go into series production in the near future. The KTM development department is currently working on several concepts for three- and four-wheel electric vehicles for urban mobility.


Infineon Technologies supplies the automotive industry and is a globally-operated company whose semiconductor and system solutions address the increasing market requirements for applications regarding energy efficiency, communications, and safety. The product portfolio comprises discrete components, power semiconductors, microcontrollers, sensors as well as high-power modules and is suitable for all elec­tric drivetrain architectures.


ATB is a leading European manufacturer of electrical motors and drive systems. Their competencies are in the development, calculation, design, and manufacture of customized special motors and drive systems.